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UBC IRC #1, 3, 4 and 5 Lecture Theatre Renovations

after the renovation
after the summer 2012 renovation

We provided acoustical and audio/visual design services to Maples Argo Architects for the renovation of the Instructional Resource Centre Theatre. The original room design dates back to 1973 and was in need of upgrades to the AV systems and architecture.

IRC 3 before renovation
before the summer 2012 renovation

This project involved a sizable architectural upgrade that allowed an upgrade to the room acoustics and an update in the AV system configuration to modernize its capabilities.

The reverberation time was shortened by 0.25 seconds which improves intelligibility of speech and helps reduce student generated noise. Additional wall and ceiling absorption helped tune the acoustical qualities of the room.

The rooms retained the ceilings, and staging lighting truss was used to provide a mounting platform for the three projectors. The video system features a single wide screen that can be used with a pair of front screen video projectors for side by side dual images, or a 3rd centre mounted projector for widescreen DVD film presentation. The room is equipped a new HDCP compliant digital video switching system including new HD cameras and fiber connections back to IRC Master Control.

IRC 4 before renovation
before the summer 2012 renovation

after the renovation
after the summer 2012 renovation

The lectern is equipped with a HD document camera to provide the high resolution display capability for paper material to this and other IRC theatres. There are HDMI and XGA inputs that can be used locally and as overflow feeds available for use in this and the other IRC theatres, routed through the AV Master Control Room.

The audio system is equipped with a DSP to provide all the audio processing, plus acoustic echo cancelling to allow this room to be interlinked to other IRC theatres or used for distance education. Full duplex interaction is possible which enhances the experience for overflow participants.

The line array speaker system provides double duty of speech reinforcement and AV playback, providing very uniform coverage front to rear without excessive levels into the microphones. Ironically, the line arrays replaced old school column speakers in the same locations, but the tapering and shading of the curved line array provides 40 years of improvement in audio quality and uniformity.

The control system can be operated using the touch panel or remotely through Master Control so that the AV technicians can support much of the teaching from the Master Control Room, especially handy for visiting teachers.

after the renovation
Staging truss used for projector support

IRC Theatre #2

IRC Theatre #6

IRC Master Control

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