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Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex
Coquitlam, BC

Hockey rink

We provided acoustical and audio/visual design services to CEI Architecture Inc. for the renovation and new addition of the ice rinks at the Poirier Sports and Leisure Complex. The new addition included 3 ice surfaces for hockey/lacrosse, public and figure skating, and curling. In addition there's multipurpose rental spaces and a sports hall of fame.

We were able to achieve very good acoustical characteristics for all three ice rinks, providing a comfortable environment for users, and an exceptionally good environment for the sound systems to operate in, with very good speech inteligibility, and good music quality.

The sound system is a multizone central system to provide overall paging and paging management, with each separate zone being able to be used locally for events in each activity area. There are two sound control booths for the local uses, one in the 2,200 seat rink, and one shared by the figure skating and curling rinks, able to observe both rinks.

skating rink

The sound system for the 2,200 seat rink has separate ice surface speakers and for the bleacher coverage. The figure skate/public skate rink has ice coverage speakers and a speaker zone for the bleachers along the north side. The curling rink uses a four speaker cluster in the centre of the rink.

There are several additional sound system zones for the curling lounge, the restaurant, the multipurpose rooms and the sports hall of fame area. There is a paging microphone at the reeption desk and it is possible to initiate pages through the VOIP phone system.

curling rink

A/V Contractor: Pro Sound Canada.

Visit the Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex website for booking information.

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