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The Good Examples Page...
Things we like to see
at a final inspection!

The photos you are about to see are real. We've elected to use these photos as an informative method to show what we like to see in sound and AV system installations.

Duocom installation at VGH Taylor Fidler Auditorium

The inside of a lectern can be quite a rat's nest, but here we see a very neat and orderly installation that will allow future troubleshooting, changes in the equipment and will also likely have a longer service lifetime since there is less strain on the connections.

Duocom installation at VGH Taylor Fidler Auditorium

This rack is a good example of wire management and cable dressing. Wire management bars allow the cable to be aligned with the individual pieces of equipment without strain.

Emergent Systems Corp - New West Law Courts

Here's another nice example of the wiring inside an equipment rack. This layout allows easy cable tracing when troubleshooting and the slack loops allow items to be moved and relocated or just moved for service.

Emergent Systems Corp - terminations in a rack at the Calgary Airport

This is the proper way to terminate a lot of cable connections. Terminal blocks might seem like a lot of fussy bother that just consume rack space when you could just bring the wire right to the equipment, but the day you need to reroute circuits, or repatch for testing, the use of terminal blocks speeds that process up. A nice neat installation in a mission critical system.

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